Marc Chagall National Museum

We analyzed the wheelchair accessibility of the Marc Chagall National Museum in Summer 2022.

We decided to walk/scoot the 1 mile from the Holiday Inn to the museum. The first half was mostly level and straight. The second .5 mile was uphill, curvy, and baking. We barely made it up. We took a bus back down the hill. Not all miles are created equal.

The museum has a webpage dedicated to accessibility. People with disabilities are supposed to have free admission (as is the norm in France), but the worker insisted on charging us for our tickets. We pointed out the language on the website, but to no avail and the €8 was not worth a fuss.

There is a ramp to get from the street to the admissions area. From there, there is an outdoor paved path to the museum–the path and the museum are both smooth, level, and wide. The garden and cafe are also accessible, and have pavement for most of the pathways. There is a wheelchair accessible bathroom in the admissions area.

The wheelchair accessibility of the Marc Chagall National Museum was pretty impressive.

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