Wheelchair Accessibility of Public Transportation (Nice, France)

We explored the wheelchair accessibility of Nice’s public transportation in Summer 2022.

Wheelchair Accessibility of Buses

The buses in Nice are wheelchair accessible. We took a bus from the Marc Chagall National Museum, which is situated at the top of a steep hill. We scooted up the hill, but it was a hard, windy, and hot route. The bus back was quick and pretty easy. The bus had a power ramp in the middle of the bus, and designated wheelchair spaces. I did not find tie downs to use, but there are places to wedge the scooter against the metal frame that surrounds the wheelchair space.

Wheelchair Accessibility of Tramway (light rail)

Nice’s three tramways are wheelchair accessible. We only had occasion to take Line 1, which runs north and south down the middle of the city. The doors have zero threshold entry, and there are designated wheelchair spaces. The ride itself is smooth and easy. Lines 2 and 3 connect with most of the city, including the airport and sports stadium. A good resource can be found here.

The wheelchair accessibility of Nice’s public transportation was impressive and smooth.

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