Hyatt Place

This wheelchair accessibility review of the Hyatt Place (Honolulu, Hawaii) is from Winter 2023.

We stayed in room 440 of the Hyatt Place. We booked with points–each night was only 14,000 points. The hotel is on the southern edge of Waikiki (near the zoo), and a short walk to the beach. The hotel’s common areas were generally accessible (especially the lobby and pool), and the service was great. The hotel was more business hotel than resort–clean/minimalist feel more than all-in-one vacation destination. It was a great launching pad for our exploration of Waikiki.

Video Tour of Wheelchair Accessibility of Entrance/Lobby, Room, and Pool

Because a video is worth a million words, my video wheelchair accessibility review of the Hyatt Place is below. Enjoy! 🙂

Tour of Wheelchair Accessible Room with Roll-in Shower (Room 440)

This room worked well for my needs. The bed height was 24″, and the mattress was of medium firmness–my scooter seat could go higher and lower than the bed height with me in it. The bathroom was also spacious, had a regular-sized roll-in shower, and the toilet seat was 17″ from the ground. I particularly appreciated the extra drain in the middle of the bathroom floor for any overflow of water from the shower.

Wheelchair Accessibility of the Pool

The weather was raining the entire time we stayed at the Hyatt. As such, we did not get to use the pool. But we fully explored the pool, lift, and deck. The pool deck is accessed through a power operated door from the elevator lobby–the accessible push buttons were easy to locate and operate. The gate was a bit of a challenge, but doable. The pool lift was fully functional and charged, and the pool was inviting.

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