Wheelchair Accessibility of Le Parc Suites

This review of the wheelchair accessibility of Le Parc Suites in West Hollywood is from Fall 2022.

Wheelchair Accessibility of Common Areas

Entry and Lobby

The hotel has valet and self-park options. There is also plenty of street parking around, which is usually free for people with disability placards. I suggest confirming with the valet about any street parking restrictions, such as street sweeping, length of stay, etc.

There was a switchback ramp from the valet/street to the lobby. The ramp was tight, but I could make the turn without having to do a “Y” turn at the landing. There was not a power door into the lobby, but the valet and front desk staff were always around to open it (often without asking). The lobby itself was tight but efficient–my scooter could navigate easily to the counter and could reach most items on the counter.


There are two elevators from the lobby to the guest room floors. My scooter fit in both scooters, but just barely–I had to drive in at an angle to fully fit. But I did not have to do any other maneuvering to fit inside.

scooter barely fits into elevator


Entry Door to Room

You enter the room straight and immediately see the bed. To your right is the living room, kitchenette, and balcony. To the left is the bathroom and closet.

The entry door was light and easy to open–it did not have a heavy door closer on it. The safety lock and deadbolt were all lowered. Even the temperature controls were lowered and easily reachable.

photo of door handle, lock, and thermostat.


There was room for my scooter to get to either side of the bed. I could also reach the outlets that were on the nightstand to plug in my scooter and phone.

But the bed height was too high for an easy transfer. My scooter seat elevates to 24″, and the bed height was still 2-3″ taller than that. I needed assistance transferring up into the bed.

Note: I did not ask management to lower the bed height as we were only there one night. They may have been able to take off the legs to lower it a few inches.

Photo of king bed and two night stands.

Living Room

The room was wide open and spacious–plenty of space to maneuver around the main areas.


The kitchenette was a little tight for me. My main difficulty was that the refrigerator opened toward me, which made it hard to access items in the refrigerator–the opened door would block my wheelchair from getting close enough to reach anything.

I was impressed with the wheelchair accessibility of the Le Parc Suites.


The pool was on the rooftop with cool views of the Hollywood hills (not the sign). The pool is relatively small, but goes down to 6.5′.

I was excited to see the pool lift model–this one can go high enough to match my scooter seat and has a wide range of motion. But the battery was dead on the night we arrived. I asked the front desk to charge it, but did not have time to use the pool in the morning.

There was space to get around the pool edge to access the other community spaces.

There were a few different pool decks, either accessible via ramp or lift. The lift worked surprisingly well–it had power doors for opening/closing, and was fast and quiet. Not my typical experience with outdoor lifts, so kudos to Le Parc for that.

The pool and pool deck were accessible via the main elevator from the lobby, and have a power sliding door to get out to them. There is also a handicap bathroom by the elevator on the pool level.

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