Reviewed Wheelchair Accessible Hotel in Paris

These reviews of wheelchair accessible hotels in Paris are from Summer 2022.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Paris Opera–Grands Blvds (30-32 Bouldevard Poissonnière, Paris, 75009 France). The best e-mail address was We chose the hotel because they confirmed the elevator was 140 cm by 90 cm (so my scooter would fit), and that the front entrance was accessible without an elevator. But we also chose it for its proximity to the major museums–we were within walking distance of a lot of things.

Tip: The hotel was a few blocks from a lot of things, but that also meant it was not really close to anything. This can cut both ways as we could walk everywhere, but had to cover several blocks before getting to our desired locations. I can see some people wanting to stay closer to one main attraction or within a shorter distance to a major bus or subway line. That is something I look forward to exploring on my next trip so we can way the pros and cons.

Entrance and public spaces

The hotel entrance was flush with the sidewalk, and had a power sliding door that was motion activated. The front desk was immediately to the right upon entering the lobby. There were two elevators to the left of the lobby, both of which could fit my scooter, my wife, and our two bags.

The only problematic community area was the breakfast area, which was down a flight of stairs from the lobby. The elevators accessed the floor, but I had to go through a fairly narrow and sometimes blocked side hallway to get to the main breakfast area (which going down the stairs bypassed).

But I didn’t mind because we were in Paris and had no plans of eating breakfast at a hotel…no matter how good it was.


The room was functional and comfortable. The bed height was around 22″, and there was sufficient room on both sides of the bed for my scooter. The bathroom was a large wet room. It had a roll-under sink, a toilet that was about 19″ with a wall-mounted grab bar, and the shower had a glass divider that could swing flush against the wall to expand the size of the shower.

Additional Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Options

I explored a few other wheelchair accessible hotels in Paris via e-mail that may be of assistance. I cannot confirm the details, however, as we did not stay or visit these properties.

1) Holiday Inn Paris Elysees (24, rue de Miromesnil-75008 Paris, France

Contact info:

Confirmed that the wheelchair accessible room has a roll-in shower and is on the first floor of the hotel. They provided the below photos.

The property was attractive because it was between the Champs-Elysees/Arc de Triomphe and the major museums.

2) Holiday Inn Paris — Gare de Lyon Bastille (11 Rue De Lyon, Paris, 75012 France)

Contact information:

Confirmed that the elevator would accommodate my scooter (117 cm long by 68 cm wide) and that the property did not require an elevator to access it from the street.

This property was attractive because it was a block away from Gare de Lyon train station which is where we caught the SNCF train to Nice and also a good station for catching the wheelchair accessible Line M14 subway line.

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