Gracias Madre – WeHo

These reviews of the wheelchair accessibility of Gracias Madre in West Hollywood ( are from 2022 and 2023.

Gracias Madre has quickly become one of our favorite vegan and organic restaurants. The food is always fantastic, the drinks are inspired, and the ambiance is amazing. It is also a good place to spot celebrities–we have personally seen several. We return as often as we can.


There are multiple steps at the front entrance into Gracias Madre, and the host stand is inside the front entrance (at the top of the steps). But there is a large courtyard to the left of the front entrance, and the primary entrance to the courtyard is ramped. We go up the ramp, through the courtyard, and enter the restaurant through one of the many side doors from the courtyard into the building. We then go through the inside dining area to the host stand at the front entrance. Not the most direct route, but it is easy to navigate and staff are quick to open doors and help guide.

Photo of me approaching the courtyard that leads into the restaurant.
I just passed the front entrance, and was en route to the courtyard (directly ahead and to the right). The yellow umbrella is a valet stand.

Tip: Reserving a table online often requires a credit card deposit. But they usually don’t ask for a credit card if you call to make your reservation. Calling is also a great way to inform them of any accessibility needs, or if you need assistance entering through the side.

Inside Accessibility

There are easily defined and open pathways to maneuver around the restaurant. There are many low-top tables, and the chairs can be easily removed. The tables at which we sat were supported by a middle post only (as compared to four corner posts supporting the tables). I was particularly impressed by the staffs’ eagerness to listen to and accommodate my table/seating preferences. I found a table where I felt comfortable, and was not in the way for other guests or staff moving around.

Tip: Gracias Madre changes the layout of the tables from time to time. But what doesn’t change is the staff’s willingness to assist and be creative in finding comfortable tables. This is a go-to restaurant that continues to impress.

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