Wheelchair Accessible Transportation (Oahu)

There are several wheelchair accessible transportation options for exploring Oahu. The options vary widely in price, range, and purpose. But together they offer much-needed freedom and flexibility for exploring the natural beauty of Oahu, as well as its many tourist sights.

Tip: Even with so many options, I tend to stay in Waikiki where I can scoot/wheel/walk to restaurants, hotels, and beaches, and then just venture out on daytrips as time and budget permits. But I like cities, so I’m biased.

One of the most exciting options is going to open soon — Oahu’s forthcoming light rail/train! This is going to be a gamechanger–it will make seamless the transportation between Pearl Harbor,  Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL), Waikiki, etc.. It is opening in phases, with the more touristy locations opening around 2030. Lightrails are the cheapest, most accessible, and convenient forms of public transportation in my opinion, so I am beyond excited for this to open.

  • wheelchair accessible trolley, showing lift up into seating area
  • wheelchair accessible airport shuttle, showing scooter strapped down inside van.
  • wheelchair accessible trolley, showing designated riding area for wheelchair
  • lift into wheelchair accessible shuttle to airport
  • wheelchair accessible trolley, showing lift up into seating area
  • ramp into wheelchair accessible public bus
  • ramp into wheelchair accessible trolley to shopping centers
  • wheelchair accessible van parked in lot
  • close up of ramp into waikiki trolley
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