West Hollywood, CA

The analysis of the wheelchair accessibility of West Hollywood, California was written in 2022, and updated in 2023.

West Hollywood (affectionately known as WeHo) is a 2-4 hour driving from San Diego, depending on traffic. It is a trendy area, known for its hip shopping, progressive social policies/communities, and numerous historic restaurants that are frequented by celebrities. It is one of our favorite locations in the Los Angeles area.

POV Wheelchair Tour

My point of view wheelchair exploration around West Hollywood, CA helps show how proximity, sidewalk, and ease of transit around WeHo.

More Detailed Reviews of Highlights

We tend to keep going to our favorite places, which can be done in .5 to 1 day. Please see below for more detailed information on each of these areas.

map of wheelchair accessible walking and driving route
Source: Google Maps

Getting to and around WeHo:

I typically drive to WeHo, which can be a real pain during rush hours. I have not found good train options from San Diego or LAX to the WeHo area. However, there are several bus options that are wheelchair accessible, including free shuttles around WeHo and paratransit services.

Once in WeHo, most places are scootable. They are often a mile or less in distance, and the sidewalks are generally flat with robust curb cuts.

NOTE: We encountered major construction on Melrose Ave by Urth Caffe–the sidewalks and curb cuts were torn up and there was not a temporary one in place. As such, I had to scoot down a driveway by each intersection, go out into the road, and then go through the intersection to reach the sidewalk on the far side of the road. I then had to repeat this process to get back to the other side of the road on the way back. We also traversed a few back alleys/parking lots to avoid the construction on Melrose Ave. Otherwise, the wheelchair accessibility in West Hollywood is pretty good.

Parking in WeHo is also very cheap, but can be crowded. Most parking lots are only $1-2/hour, including surface lots and ramps.

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