Wheelchair Accessible Itineraries in California

There are tons of wheelchair accessible itineraries in California. I have lived in southern California since 2015, and have spent much of that time exploring all around this huge state. SCOOTY.world explores the wheelchair accessibility of some of California’s greatest attractions. I will continue to build this list out, but I invite you to contact me if you have any questions about a destination not listed below. Chances are good that I have been there (or know someone who has), and I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns.

Wheelchair Accessibility in West Hollywood

Wheelchair Accessibility in Santa Monica

Wheelchair Accessibility in Death Valley National Park

  • wheelchair accessible view of Santa Monica pier
  • wheelchair accessible to gracias madre in west hollywood, ca
  • view down the trolley tracks in middle of street at grove
  • view of wheelchair going down produce aisle of juice stand at grove
  • death valley national park sign
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