Hilton Garden Inn (Oahu)

This review of the wheelchair accessibility of the Hilton Garden Inn in Waikiki is from Summer 2023.

The Hilton Garden Inn has been one of the cheaper Hilton options in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii. This is likely due to it being more of a business hotel (e.g., not a resort) and a few blocks back from the beach. But I found it surprisingly functional–it is next to the International Market Place, which makes for an easy and fun walk to the beachfront hotels. The room and lobby were also very accessible for my needs, and the whole hotel can be accessed via a digital key. Overall, it was function over frills, but accessible and a good option for future visits.

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Wheelchair Accessibility of Lobby and Room

The room was functional. The sink was outside the bathroom, and had room for a wheelchair to roll under the sink. The bedroom had room on both sides of the bed for my scooter, and I could access plugs and the kitchenette. The balcony was also roll-on friendly. The bathroom had a sliding door which rolled smoothly and was surprisingly easy to use.

Wheelchair Accessibility of Pool

The pool is small, but serviceable. The lift was in good shape, charged, and worked nicely!

The wheelchair accessibility of the Hilton Garden Inn in Waikiki, Honolulu was surprisingly good. It offers a cheaper option for travelers who may not be wanting to spend all day at their hotel.

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