Wheelchair Accessibility of Radisson Blu (Zurich, Switzerland)

This analysis of the wheelchair accessibility of the Radisson Blu in Zurich, Switzerland is from Summer 2022.

We did not stay at a hotel in Zurich, but I did receive helpful information from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport that I wanted to share. The best e-mail for this hotel was info.zurich@radissonblu.com, and they were very responsive and helpful. Their level of service gave me very fond memories for this hotel, even though I never stayed there.

First, this hotel has direct access to the airport terminal, so it is easy for flights as well as trains to/from downtown Zurich.

Second, the hotel has 3D tour of its facilities. I was able to virtually explore the common spaces, including measuring the width of doorways and the size of the elevators. They also have a YouTube video showing the amenities. I hope more hotels do 3D tours like this–this simple process permits me to know if the hotel will (or won’t) work prior to booking/arriving.

Third, due to the shower issues in Lucerne, I emailed the hotel for photos of the bathroom in the accessible rooms. They were happy to oblige, and the bathrooms look to be a large wet room.

I can’t vouch for the wheelchair accessibility of the Radisson Blu, but the photos and 3D tour look promising.

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