Wheelchair Accessibility of Hotel Mirabeau

This review of the wheelchair accessibility of the Hotel Mirabeau in Zermatt, Switzerland is from our trip in Summer 2022.

I contacted several hotels in Zermatt regarding accessibility, and Hotel Mirabeau rose to the top of our list. They were close to the train station, were responsive/willing to measure accessibility features, and were more wheelchair accessible than the other hotels. That said, the shower and toilet were inaccessible to me, but a smaller wheelchair would likely have fared better. The best e-mail for reaching the hotel was info@hotel-mirabeau.ch. The hospitality was top notch. And the hotel was only a few blocks to the train station.

Regardless of your hotel choice, I highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible–hotels in Zermatt fill up quickly as it is a very popular tourist destination (for very good reason).


The entrance was ramped and wheelchair accessible. The lobby was spacious, and opened into two restaurants on either side–a formal dining area (also where a buffet breakfast was hosted) and a smaller cafe. Both were wheelchair accessible.

Upon checking in, the staff showed us to our room. They also took our luggage, and delivered it after we settled into the room. The building has two elevators–one inside and one outside and around the corner. The inside elevator was too small for me (which we knew in advance thanks to my e-mailing the staff), and the outside elevator was closer to our room anyway. So the staff showed us to the side elevator, which required us to open an outside door and then call the elevator. In other words, there was no landing or hallway–the door into the building opened into the elevator call button and elevator itself.

elevator is about 6" larger than my scooter.
This is the elevator opening onto the floor on which our room was.


The elevator opened up onto our floor, and our room was just a few feet away. There was a small drop (1″) from the hallway to the floor of the room.

Living Area

The living area was spacious and gorgeous. The bed height was approximately 22″, and was two twin size mattresses pushed together. There was space on both sides of the bed for my scooter. The seating area was big enough for me to turn my scooter around in, especially after I moved the table a little bit.


The bathroom was to the left of the living area. The sink and tub were not closed off from the living area–it was just an extension of the living room (e.g., no door). The shower and toilet were to the right of the sink, and had a sliding door for privacy. The door was not wide enough for my scooter to fit into it–the doorway was approximately 24″, and my scooter is about 26″ wide. The shower would not have worked anyway given the angle. It’d be a tight squeeze, even for a manual wheelchair.

Tip: I failed to ask the hotel to measure the bathroom or send photographs in advance. I highly recommend asking them to do so if you are thinking of staying here.


The living area had a two-door entry to the balcony. The balcony had a small drop (1″), and was just big enough for my scooter to go onto it. The views were fantastic, and it was nice to have the doors open for the fresh air anyway.


The hotel had a pool, spa, and massage area, as well as a tunnel that connected to the front lobby of the hotel. All of these features were stunning, but had accessibility limitations for me. Again, a smaller or manual wheelchair may have fared better.

The pool was down two small steps from the hallway, and I did not see another accessible way to reach the pool. There was also a roll-in shower that could be accessed from the hallway by the pool, but it was a tight turn to access it. I did not see a lift into the pool itself.

The spa and massage area were down another level. I was able to access the spa and the different rooms, but the bathrooms/showers were again too small/angular for my scooter.

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