Wheelchair Accessibility of Hampton Inn & Suites (Santa Monica, CA)

This review of the wheelchair accessibility of the Hampton Inn & Suites in Santa Monica, CA is from Fall 2022.

(Fall 2022)

We stayed in room 618 of the Hampton Inn and Suites in Santa Monica. It was a wheelchair accessible room with a tub. The best feature of the hotel was the digital key from the Hilton app–it worked seamlessly for the elevator and the room door. Kudos to Hilton for having widely implemented that technology.


The hotel only has valet options, but there are public parking ramps nearby. There were no wheelchair accessible parking spaces in the valet area, but the valets let us park the van on the top level and then gave the keys to the valet. They did not move it during the night, and kept open the parking space next to us so we could open our van’s ramp the following morning.

The hotel’s entrance has power sliding doors. The entrance is wide and flat, and goes from pavement to tile.

Tip: There is also a light rail stop within a block of the hotel.


There are two very large elevators. The digital key feature allowed me to unlock the elevators from my phone. I was easily able to reach all of the floor buttons.



The entry was wide enough to turn my scooter around. There was a wetbar, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker. The counters were at a wheelchair height.

Living Room

The living room was spacious. The couch pulled out into a bed. Desk was wheelchair accessible.


The bed height was approximately 23.” I had enough space to turn my scooter around doing a “Y” turn in the bedroom. The space between each side of the bed and the wall was wide enough for my scooter plus about 12″ of free space. There was an accessible wall outlet by the bed, and an outlet in the lamp on the bedstand.


The bathroom was spacious. I could reach everything on the sink, and the toilet had plenty of space. The door was easy enough to slide.


The balcony was only accessible from the living room, but it ran the length of the living room and bedroom. The door was too difficult for me to pull to open, but I could lock/unlock it. The threshold was was smooth and relatively flat. The balcony was very large, the railing was short enough to not block my view, and had views of the ocean.


The maintenance team confirmed the pool deck was wheelchair accessible, that they have lifts into both the pool and hot tub, and that the batteries were charged. The maintenance team offered to change the batteries before he left for the night so they would be fresh batteries in the morning.

Overall, the wheelchair accessibility of the Hampton Inn & Suites in Santa Monica was great–easy entrance, great bed height, and the balcony was a nice feature.

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