Wheelchair Accessibility of Holiday Inn (Nice, France)

We analyzed the wheelchair accessibility of the Holiday Inn in Nice in Summer 2022.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Nice (20 Bd Victor Hugo, 06000 Nice, France). Their e-mail is reservation@holinice.com, and they confirmed pre-arrival that their elevators were 80 cm x 140 cm.

The hotel is situated roughly halfway between the train station and the promenade/waterfront, making it a good base of operations. We were able to walk to almost all of the attractions and restaurants, and were within walking distances of the light rail, train, and bus stops to reach any other venues.

Entry and Ground Floor

The entry is flat from the street, and has non-powered doors. I was able to pull the doors open on my own. The reception and breakfast areas were wide and spacious.

There are two elevators, both of which were big enough for my scooter, two suitcases, and another person. The elevators were recessed back about 2′ from the hallway. I thus had to call the elevator, and the position myself so I could drive straight into the elevator–the 2′ “doorway” into the elevator made turning into the elevator hard.


The door was not powered, but I could open it on my own. The bed height was approximately 22″ in height, and the toilet was close to 19″. There were outlets above each of the nightstands, making for convenient charging locations.

The bathroom reminded me of a cruise ship bathroom. The shower was just barely large enough for my scooter, but the curtain and slant of the floor kept all the water flowing into the drains. The toilet flexed a bit with any weight on it, but not dangerous–just an odd feeling. I had a hard time turning around in the bathroom–it took multiple “Y” turns to maneuver between the door, shower, sink, etc. Overall, the room was functional and comfortable, if not overly spacious or inviting.

Overall, the wheelchair accessibility of the Holiday Inn in Nice was very similar to that of a Holiday Inn in the United States, if not with a bit more space in the main living room. It was comfortable and functional.

Wheelchair Accessibility of Nearby Restaurants

There were several restaurants within a block of the hotel. We particularly enjoyed whiling away the hot evenings with pasta, seafood, and wine at the cozy (albeit sometimes tight) sidewalk tables at the Le Séjour Café, Bistro Marin, and Chez Davia. All of the outdoor tables were wheelchair accessible, but there were stairs into the establishments. And Old Town was just a short scoot away as well.

La Merenda

Due to a translation glitch, we mistakenly thought we had lucked out and made reservations at La Merenda (one of the most sought after but still affordable restaurants in Nice). DOMINIQUE LE STANC Even though we missed out on dinner, we still explored its accessibility–the restaurant looked to have a ~1″ ledge to get into the restaurant, but would otherwise be flat. The restaurant is pretty small, so maneuvering may be a challenge…but one well worth overcoming if possible.

Note — it is cash only and the menu changes daily.

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