Wheelchair Accessibility of Monaco (Monte Carlo and Yachts Galore)

This detailed review of Monaco and the Monte Carlo’s wheelchair accessibility is from Summer 2022.

After arriving in Monaco, we walked down Princess Charlotte Blvd to the Monte Carlo Casino. We took a tour of the Casino and ate lunch there, and then did some yacht watching from a nearby outlook. We then backtracked our route to get back to the Monaco train station. I highly recommend this day trip, and we look forward to spending more than a day in Monaco next time.

Source: Google Maps

We walked the ~1 mile route each way. There was a pretty large hill going along Princess Charlotte Blvd,. but the sidewalks were smooth and the curb cuts were decent.

The Monte Carlo Casino lived up to its reputation and then some. From Princess Charlotte Blvd., we walked down the paths through the garden to the front of the Monte Carlo Casino–grand and gorgeous. There is a private elevator entrance to the right of the main entrance–we had to ask someone to help operate it for us, but there were plenty of staff outside the main entrance who were happy to assist.

Tip: Be mindful of the dress code. The dress code appeared to be loosely enforced when we arrived in the late morning, but it was being more forcefully enforced once the gaming rooms opened…and I’m sure increasingly so as the day turned to night.

Once inside the casino, the main floor is wheelchair accessible with wide hallways and flat surfaces. We paid the 17 euro/person fee to tour the casino before it opened for gaming at 2 pm. This was a great way to explore around the rooms with no time pressure and with minimal people–we were largely alone as we walked through the rooms. Also, we could apply the entire 17 euro/person tour charge toward a meal at Le Salon Rose, so the tour ended up being free for us. And the lunch at the Le Salon Rose was as picturesque as it was delicious. And we were encouraged to linger there until 2 pm so we could see the casinos with the tables open as well. It was a fantastic respite from the heat and a great way to experience the Monte Carlo Casino.

Tip: After paying to tour the casino, our first stop was at Le Salon Rose to make a reservation. There weren’t any online reservations, but there were tables available for walk-in reservations. It’s best to stop at the restaurant to make the reservation before embarking on the tour. And this is a perk of paying for the tour–you are accessing the restaurant before the general public.

After exploring lunch and re-exploring the casino after it opened for gambling, we walked around the outside of the casino and down to several overlooks over the harbor. We saw almost every type of vehicle pulling into the casino, and found good vantage points over the harbor to spy some yachts and megayachts. The sidewalks were ramped, smooth, and easy to traverse…albeit a bit crowded at times.

We then retraced our steps back to the train station and headed back to Nice (after a little unexpected adventure at the train station). Monaco and the Monte Carlo’s wheelchair accessibility did not hinder my accessing anywhere.

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