My Physical Abilities and DMEs

SCOOTY is only helpful if you can compare your situation to my own, and so I provide my physical abilities and DMEs solely to help with that comparison. But everyone’s abilities and experiences are different, and I cannot make any guarantees that all limitations, impediments, obstacles, etc. are shown or discussed, or will that my experiences will be exemplars of your experiences. This is a launching pad only, and is by no means meant to be exhaustive or relied on entirely–independent planning must still be done.

My Physical Strength

I am a mid-30s male with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 3). My muscle strength is weak: I cannot walk and can only grip and/or lift things that are less than 3 pounds. I can sit unsupported. I can transfer myself between level surfaces that are similar heights, but I rely on my personal care attendant to help me sit up from a prone position and to transfer to surfaces with height differences.

My Durable Medical Equipment

I currently use a motorized PaceSaver Espree 3-wheel scooter. It is 46 inches (117 cm) long and 27 inches (68 cm) wide. My seat has a power elevating feature, and can go from 20 inches to 24 inches from the floor to the ground. It has an onboard charger, so I just have to bring a power cord for charging the battery.

Note: PaceSaver has sadly since gone out of business after 45+ years. I have uploaded the user manual for more dimensions/information.

I travel with:

  • a 4″ raised toilet seat that we can attach (read: duct tape) to a standard or elongated toilet.
    • I don’t have a preferred one, and have used ones that are soft (like this) or hard (like this or this). They all fit within a standard carry-on suitcase. The soft is smaller and more flexible for packing, but can be more difficult for transferring. If I need to travel light, I’ll order one on Amazon and have it shipped to the hotel (and try to time it for my arrival to the hotel).
  • portable 2-foot ramp.
  • soft stretcher (aka fireman’s blanket).
  • multiple gait belts for assistance with transfers.
  • a power converter and adapter to safely plug into foreign outlets.
  • a 4-wheel rolling carry-on suitcase.
    • My wife and I travel with no more than 2 carry-on suitcases total. Anything more is too unwieldly.

I do not utilize a Hoyer lift.

I separately analyze my airplane accessories as well.

Again, I provide my physical abilities and DMEs solely to help with any comparisons. I’m happy to answer any further questions comments if you contact me.

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