Sun Country Airlines

This overview of the wheelchair accessibility of Sun Country Airlines was written/updated in Spring 2023 (but draws on my personal experience from flying Sun Country for the past 30+ years)

Sun Country Airlines is based out of Terminal 2 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport, and most flights go through MSP for connections. Terminal 2 is the smaller of the terminals, which tends to make parking, security, and baggage easier and quicker. It is also considerably easier to navigate–it is basically one very large room with jetways running in numerical order the length of the room. For transit, the light rail train runs between Terminal 2 and the larger Terminal 1 for free (although the station for Terminal 2 is outside), as well as (for a fee) to the Mall of America, U.S. Bank Stadium, and downtown Minneapolis (and to downtown St. Paul via a transfer to another line).

The main customer service line is 651-905-2737, and representatives are available Monday-Sunday 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Central Time). There is not a dedicated accessibility department. Sun Country does have an Accessibility Request Form to inquire in writing for assistance, but I found calling to be more effective/timely. Sun Country also has a FAQ on accessibility issues.

Booking Wheelchair Services for Boarding/Disembarking

Sun Country has an option for booking accessible services as part of the online ticketing function. However, the form does not make provide a reliable means of confirming that you will bring your own wheelchair/scooter. As such, I recommend confirming all of the accessibility information when you call for seat assignments (discussed next).

Booking Wheelchair Accessible Seats

Most of Sun Country’s planes only have one class of ticket, even if they charge extra for location on the plane. In other words, there is only a main cabin, and not a separate level of ticket (e.g., first class). As such, I have had success in being moved to the first or second rows of the plane (which have the extra leg room to permit a safe transfer and more comfort for my particular needs) for no additional fee.

To get assigned seats, Sun Country asks people with disabilities to call the main customer service number at 651-905-2737 (open Monday-Sunday 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Central Time)), or to use the Accessibility Request Form. There is not a specific accessibility department, so I speak directly with the general customer service representative. They are fairly knowledgeable and willing to help, but I have had to push back a few times on being charged for the seat assignment. They have always agreed to waive the fee, but I’ve had to teach them that people with disabilities who need the seats (e.g., can’t bend leg, service animal, transferring) cannot be charged for those seat assignments within the same class of ticket.  Some of the representatives have said they were not aware of that requirement, but are happy to have learned through my discussion with them (and confirmed by their supervisors).

Note: Sun Country has refused to refund to my credit card any seat or baggage fees when I canceled my flight within 24 hours of booking, and instead issued a voucher. If you choose to book a seat or pay for baggage upfront, I suggest doing so after the 24-hour cancellation period has expired.

Other Considerations

The wheelchair accessibility of Sun Country at the airportsecuritygetting on the planeon the plane, and getting off the plane follows generally the same process/policies as other airlines.

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