The Grove and Farmers Market

The review of the wheelchair accessibility at The Grove and Farmers Market is from 2022.

Parking for both The Grove and Farmers Market:

We had a hard time finding the wheelchair accessible parking locations on the ground floor. The correct entrance is through the valet lane (far right), and then pull into the wheelchair accessible parking lot on the right (before the valet stand). There were signs, but they were fairly hidden and we did not see them until after we had entered the main ramp entrance and went up into the levels. I marked up the map below to help show the proper path.

map showing where to park for wheelchair accessible parking

Accessibility of The Grove

Love that this was greeting everyone as they entered The Grove from the parking garage.

The Grove has large sidewalks, and a main street running through it. There is also a wheelchair accessible walkway that goes over and around a fountain/water area. The entrances to the stores were wheelchair accessible, and it was generally easy maneuvering.

Note: There was some construction on store fronts, and I had to backtrack a few times where the construction areas blocked access on the sidewalk and there was not a curbcut down onto the main street.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom at The Grove

There was a wheelchair accessible bathroom by the main parking lot. It is in the concierge area, not in the shopping mall complex.

Accessibility of Farmers Market

The Farmers Market has numerous stands selling various types of fresh as well as prepared food. The aisles were wide and the paths were smooth.

The wheelchair accessibility at The Grove and Farmers Market was simple and efficient–a fun way to spend a morning. It is also ideally located, being just a short drive to Gracias Madre and Le Parc Suites.

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