Wheelchair Accessibility of Belgium

(Summer 2022)

We took a day trip from Paris to explore the wheelchair accessibility of Brussels. The trip involved walking/busing from our hotel to Gare du Nord, taking a Thalys train to Brussels-Midi, bussing into the old town, walking around the historic city, and then bussing back to Brussels-Midi, catching a Thalys train to Paris, and then bussing to our hotel. It was a long, but fun day.

Big takeaways regarding wheelchair accessibility — the Grand Place and Galeries Royales Saint Hubert were gorgeous, historic, and fun to explore. I wish we had stayed there all day and just reveled in their beauty and history. The sidewalks and streets are mostly cobblestone, so it was slow going and required frequent stops to rest and resituate myself in my scooter.

But please read on about our wheelchair accessible journey to/from Brussels and our wheelchair accessible exploration of Brussels!

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