Buckingham Palace

This review of the wheelchair accessibility of Buckingham Palace is from Summer 2023.

Hands down one of the most fascinating, gorgeous, most accessible things to do in London.  I cannot say enough good things about the tour.  And I will be forever impressed with the lengths to which Buckingham Palace went to make the event wheelchair accessible.

The contact information is +44 (0)303 123 7324 or by email: specialistsales@rct.uk.

The meeting area is to the right of the main gate at Buckingham Palace—next to the active driveway on the right, front side of the Palace. This is different from the main tour line, so I was able to skip the line. 

I was greeted by a team, and they radioed for the wheelchair accessible shuttle to come pick me up. The shuttle is an elongated golf cart with a long ramp that they extend out the side.  They did not tiedown my wheelchair, but there was no need—it’s a smooth, fairly slow ride from the gates, up the primary driveway, past the PM reception stairs, and to the main entrance.

At the main entrance, I had to check in at a reception area and then proceed through security.  Then I could go up to the main entrance staircase, and was able to get up-close-and-person with the royal carriage.

Buckingham Palace has installed an elevator in the middle of the main staircase, which permits people with disabilities to enter through the front. This was no small feat, and I am so impressed that they spent the money to ensure inclusivity.  Amazing. 

There are no photos permitted, but the website has great photos of the elevator and interior accessibility guides

The interior was fully accessible. I was able to go through every room on both floors, with the second floor being accessible via another elevator.  The staff were very courteous and had a detailed and thoughtful system for ensuring access when I was ready. 

The tour ends at the back of the Place, where there is a café and bookstore. Once done there, the wheelchair accessible route to leave is back out to the main entrance of the Palace. I could then take the shuttle back to the main gate or go around the Palace and be dropped off at the back of the Palace, and then walk/scoot down the nature path to the exit that way.  I opted for the latter, and am so glad I did—the shuttle went by the private quarters of the royal family! And the .5 mile nature walk from the back of the Palace to the exit was gorgeous—great views of the Palace, lush pathway, and a small lake ringed the paved, level path. 

In sum, the wheelchair accessibility of Buckingham Palace is first rate.  Truly amazing. I highly recommend this tour. 

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